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Note • this calculation is estimated freight. • single package weight >30KG can not be taken, please send seperately; • Commercial express billing rules: commercial express will usually be charged according to the actual weight and volume weight. Volume weight = package volume (length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm)) /5000. • As the package is more than 60cm on either side by EMS delivery, the cost should depend on its volume. If the volume weight (long cm* width cm* height cm/8000) is greater than the gross weight, it will be charged by volume. • The above expense budget includes: transportation fee, fuel charge. There may be a surcharge on remote areas, surcharge, surcharge, customs clearance fee, etc. Such fees are not included in the above fees. • If actual weight and volume of the package is different from the order, the actual cost will be charged according to the actual package weight. So, which might has some difference with the budget.