“Double eleven”, I sent express to foreigners


Wang kun who is twenty-five years old needs to deliver around 150 packages a day. He made a total of 613000km in 1159 work days. Which distance equals to the length of 1.5 times around the earth. He needs to stay all night in double-eleven. Lots of receivers are international students.


"During the 'double eleven' period, we all had to work overtime to pick up the parcels until one or two o 'clock in the morning," Wang said, "the amount of delivery package was 2.5 times as much as usual."


Every morning at 9 o 'clock, Wang Kun starts to dispatch the packages. He is mainly responsible for the campus in Handan road area of Fudan university and the international students' apartments.

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There are lots of foreign students who live in the Wudong road, no.57. Wang said, “it’s difficult to communicate with them, sometimes I will find some students to help me translate.”


“Sometimes, I will communicate with them by using the translation application in the phone. Many foreign students can speak some Chinese except common words, such as kuaidi.


There is something special about sending packages to college students. 11:30 to 12:30 and 16:30 to 18:00 are the most busy time for Wang because the available time for students has limitation.


It’s not allowed to answer the phone during the class. So, Wang kun can only send messages to tell delivery time. "It costs 228 yuan last month," wang said.


The most unforgettable thing for wang kun was happened in September last year. "there were seven packages, including several suitcases. The heaviest one was more than 20 kilograms, and which was filled with books. After Seeing this, all I can do is send them to her dorm.


Out of the camput, Wang kun wang kun rewrote the numbers for each package in order to make him find the express items more efficiently.


This year's “double 11 be” will have "broken billions" news appear. Behind those numbers, there are lots of delivery workers like Wang Kun who are in hard to send packages