Double eleven, please remember these lovely and honorable people who work in ZTO.


        “The first half of “double 11” is to buy, the second half of “double 11”is to delivery.

Is there such a person who checks its tracking information more than ten times around you? He feels that there is always a hope when he is waiting for the package.。

There are thousands of people who works hard in ZTO. Today, let us see their stories.

commanding 600 vehicles, and walking steps in wechat are over 30000 per day


        On November 13th the traffic was busy but orderly in ZTO express delivery center.

        Last year, there were around 320 cars every day during the double 11, but this year, the cars are over 600. Mr. Zhang has to walk more than 35000 steps in the parking lot. His colleagues also have lots of walking steps in wechat.


        “"Go ahead, turn around, stop this way... "Mr. Zhang needs to repeat these words for 14 hours a day. His throat has been a little hoarse, and today Mr. Zhang has started to eat the golden throat. Even a loudspeaker, which is can use a three to four days in general, but now it’s out of battery in a day.

        The traffic will stay busy for a few days, and Mr. Zhang will work hard in his position.

three gloves are broken in 6 days


        Qingping Qi and his collegues are operators, and they are working now at 3:00pm

        Mr.Qi’s job is not complicated, he only needs to stand on the side of the belt for 14 hours, and track the direction of the package with his eyes. If seeing “891”or “892” numbers, he needs to take the package to the next belf of the assembly line. And then it will go to a 17.5 meter truck.


        The truck can hold 1500 pieces package.The total needs to spend 2hous. Mr. Qi needs to complete the human eye scaning, number checking and taking package.

        If you ask him that how it is busy? The pair of gloves on his hand can be the answer. A pair of gloves usually can be used for four days . and now the depreciation rate of gloves is double.


        Tao Jiang needs to take two to three hours to complete the loading with actions of taking, pushin and so on. It has 1500 pieces, and it’s weight is around 12 tons.


        Mr. Mai starts to work after 1 o’clock pm every day. He never wastes the space of the car.

       After loading the goods into the car, jiang tao will have 10 minutes for resting, the temperature is low outside, but Jiangdong are sweat on his forehead.

        Jiangtao needs to load four cars every day. There is a 13.5 meters of the car that goes to panjin port. Since it has less goods, Jiang tao and his partner are exchanged.

There is another car that is coming, he needs to work until 5:00 am in the morning at this time.

source from: jiefang news