Russian special line

ZTO corporate with the Russian local postal company CDEK to build the Russian special line (channel code: RUEXCD), which provides a solution to Russian e-commerce logistics provided by Chinese B2C sellers. The service try to meet the needs of customers, and which provide fast and reliable delivery service to Russia.


service advantage

1. goods properties: the weight limit is 30kg, which can be connected with the built-in battery cargo.2. Customs clearance advantage: customs clearance is stable and fast, tariff DDU.3. Aging advantage: the overall effect of 20 days is over 80%, and have hight cost performance.4. Whole-process tracking: the package can be tracked all the way,The package can be tracked all the way through ZTO , CDEK, and 17track platforms.5. Customer service:  domestic customers and foreign buyers all can enjoy our professional customer service, which includes consulting, query, change, return, exception handling, complaints, claims, etc.

service price

1. Price: freight /kg+ operating fee/PCS, minimum starting weight of 100g; The package weight is not more than 2kg, the sum of the three sides is not more than 75cm, regardless of bubble; Packages that exceed this standard take substantial weight and heavier volume. Weight calculation standard :(long cm* wide cm* height cm) /6000.2. Tax: duty to pay DDU. Russia's tax-free limit is less than 1,000 euros per person per month, and goods weight is no more than 31 kilograms. If it exceeds, you must pay 30% of the total value of the goods as duty, but not less than 4 euro/kg.

Customer contact

Hot line: 021-69783609