The Austrilia is the international express delivery service developed by zhongtong express and Australia post company. The goal of this service is to achieve fast customs clearance and have efficient distribution to the local. This line is suitable for many sellers because it can effectively solve the problem of high international express cost and the problem of low efficiency of international small package.


Service advantage

1. time advantage: 5-7 days (working days)2. Network time efficiency: the order number and tracking information will be shown up online in the next day3. Weight limit: no more than 10kg.4. Volume limit: the longest side must not exceed 105CM, and the other side the maximum circumference should not exceed 140CM.5.allowance goods: ordinary good+ normal make-ups (but no perfume and alcohol)6. Prohibited goods: infringement and contraband.7. Delivery country: Australia, New Zealand.8. Full tracking: Australian post is responsible for delivery in Australia; The items can be tracked online through the zhongtong express website or the Australian post website.9. After-sales guarantee: efficiently process query within 24 to 48 hours.10. Compensation: If the declared value of the goods has been lost or damaged, compensation shall be made according to the actual value of the declared value. If the goods lost or damaged in the inner part, which shall be compensated according to the actual loss, but the maximum compensation for each shipment shall not exceed RMB250.

Customer contact

Hot line: 021-69783609