Hong Kong special line

This is an express service of sending address and receiving address are respectively in the People's Republic of China and the Hong Kong special administrative region of China.  In September 2011, the ZTO Hong Kong company was established to provide express services between mainland China and Hong Kong for customers.


service advantage

1. Delivery convenience: our company can provide door-to-door pick-up service in the domestic area.
2. Time advantage: local delivery, stable timing, and delivered within 5-7 working days after the package is entered into the warehouse.
3. The property of goods: normal goods and goods which have built-in battery.
4. Customs clearance advantage: convenient, stable and safe.
5. Weight limitation: all packages under 30KG can be received (not limited to 2KG).
6. Volume limitation: the longest side cannot exceed 150CM.
7. Whole-process tracking: the tracking information can be tracked through the ZTO express website.


1. Delivery to Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories.
2. If the recipients cannot find, he or she refuses to accept or the address is wrong address, the package is sent more than three times without success then it needs to charge new delivery fee if the delivery is required again. The package has been sent to the addressee, but it is required to change the address and it needs to charge the delivery fee.The warehouse fee is generated due to the rejection of the warehouse. And the delivery fee and warehousing fee both need to be charged when re-delivery. The parking fee shall be borne by the shipper due to the delay in delivery of the shipper's information, the incoordination or refusal of the consignee.The parking fee shall be borne by the shipper due to the delay in delivery of the shipper's information, the incoordination or refusal of the consignee.3. Hong kong delivery normally needs to take one day. The airport package is delivered at night. The package can be delivered on Saturday morning, but if the package needs to be delivered on Saturday afternoon, it needs to make a reservation.4. the items sent in the month: if noticing in the morning, delivering the package before 18:00 PM; noticing in the afternoon, delivering the package before 13:00 the next day. Delivered the day, providing the package before 18:00 the next day. Delivery within 3 days; 60 days or more not provided;
5. The standard of problem warehouse rent charge: there is no any warehouse problem fee during the seven days for package without sending. There is no fee during 15 days for delivered package. After the 16th days, it needs to charge a minimum 10 RMB every day and add RMB 0.3/kg. If it’s more than one month, then it will be disposed.6. Holiday delivery service: 1. It will not provide delivery service in Hong Kong during the vacation except Sunday, if there is any request during the holidays, please notice us before the holiday 17:00pm. if there is no advance notice, it  must be paid RMB 200 per ticket for emergency fee. If it is warehousing, the warehousing fee will be charged twice as much as the warehouse entry fee.7. Additional costs may be incurred in remote areas.

Customer contact

Hot line: 021-69783609