Toll Global Express is a professional international express company which cooperates with International ZTO and Australia Toll. The company is approved by the ministry of foreign trade of the People's Republic of China, and it mainly provides fast and efficient custom clearance service for China’s foreign trade.The goods are directly delivered to the destination by flight. After passing the custom clearance, the goods will be dispatched through local net point service. DPEX is a logistic provider in fast sell, ebay, amazon and other major platforms because the time is guaranteed



1. Asia: Singapore, Taiwan(China), Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and etc.
2. Pacific region: Australia, New Zealand snfetc.
3. Middle East: uae, bahrain, Oman, Qatar, etc.
4. Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mauritius, lesotho and so on.
5. Europe: UK, Turkey.

Service Advantage

1.Price advantage: It has huge advantage in Australia and southeast Asia because its delivery price is only equal to the half of price of big four express. Also, the price of goods that are over I kg is similar to the price of small package.
2. Time advantage: Every postal available country has its net points. So, the package usually takes three to five working days to be delivered in Australia. And It takes five to seven working days to be delivered in Southeast Country.
3. Goods property: It can deliver goods which include electricity and weak magnetic. Other countries only can accept ordinary goods.
4. Weight limitation: same price between 15kg-0.5kg. And it will charge as big good price if the weight is over 16kg.

Customer contact

Hot line: 021-69783609