FBA-Australia special line

FBA-Australia special line is a certain flight signed with ZTO and airline company. The goods will be transferred by flight and there is no need to wait available warehouse and the package delivered on time and fast. So, customers can have special-line price to enjoy express services. It provides the whole-processing monitoring for safety and security.


Service Advantage

1. Country: Australia.
2. Product limitation: it only accepts ordinary goods, and it’s not allowed to deliver any package that includes electricity, fake brand, liquid, and powder and other sensitive goods.
3. Other property: This line is duty free for custom clearance, and it can only accept FBA address and commercial address, and it cannot accept any other personal address.

Package limitation

1. The goods shipped to Amazon must be attached FBA code label.
2. Every package weight should be more than 10kg and less than 25 kg.
3. the total length of the three sides should not exceed 140cm; The longest side is no more than 1.2 meters. It needs to charge extra fee if it exceeds. using the larger number (measure the volume weight and actual weight) Volume weight: length*width*height/6000.
4. The declared value of a single item cannot exceed 1000 Australian dollars. Single item cannot have more than 5 SKU. If it has more than 5, it needs to charge as 3AUD/KG.
5. About refund: 2 Australian dollar per piece processing fee.
6. Delivering time: 6-8 working days.
7. Our company doesn’t accept any soft paper box wrapped with yellow tapes; doesn’t accept wooden frame, wood packaging. If it’s three plywood packing, it should has loose-leaf lock.

Customer contact

Hot line: 021-69783609