Due to the need of business operation, our firm need to spend money on the following services and commodities every year:transport capacity: Railway, aviation, highway, warehouse leasing, etc.Other services: insurance (vehicle insurance, warehousing insurance, transportation insurance), maintenance, installation, decoration, etc.Transportation transmission equipments: conveyor belt, assembly line, forklift, hand hydraulic carrier, trucks, vans, manual forklift, cart, baling press, shelves, wagon balance, dock leveler, automobile tailboard, television monitoring, etcOffice equipment: computer, VPN equipment, scanner, scanner gun, the servers, computer switches, the photocopier, printers, fax machines, telephone exchanges, telephones, office desks and chairs.Business consumables: packaging materials, small backpacks for courier, adhesive printing paper.Office consumables: toner cartridge, cartridge, copy paper, ribbon, book, pen.Business printing: express label, documents pouch, PE bag and other business documents, calendar, etc.other salesIf you want to be our supplier, please read the following supplier rules carefully:Comply with laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.Be honest. Do not provide products and services which quantity and quality are inconsistent, do not provide false information and billings.Do not pay bribes to purchasing or receiving personnel, including cash, gift vouchers, gifts, travel and other cash, non-cash methods and other unknown bribes.Keep business secrets and shall not disclose the quantity, price and other trade secrets of the company to other companies or individuals without permission.In violation of the above provisions, our company has the right to cancel its supplier qualification, and our company do not purchase its products and services within three years.