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About Label Printing 

 Draw the label by yourself.

Note:Read the ZTO international label specification and print the ZTO label accordingly.

 Retrieve the route code (i.e. shipping code)

Note: Beside the shipping number, the route code (i.e. shipping code) is also important to print on the label, in order to validate the parcel. To get the route code, you need to invoke the 'Get shipping code) interface and pass valid sender's address and consignee's address (Important: You cannot directly use oversea's address (outside China) for sender's address or consignee's address. You have to use the Chinese address from where your parcels leave China (for outbounding orders), or to where  your parcels enter China (for inbouding orders). The province/city/district parts in address need to be well spelled to be recognizable by the interface. Consult the domestic ZTO branch office you cooperated with for detailed information)

 Get PDF label image by invoking the interface

Note: We also provide  interface for developers to download generated PDF label, if you don't want to draw the label by yourself..

 To get a shipping number in production environment, you need to deposit some shipping numbers in the pool in your ZTO account. To buy shipping numbers, consult the ZTO branch office you cooperated with and let them allocate some to your customer account via international warehouse system.( Function menu: customer shipping number allocation).

 If you changed the cooperated ZTO branch office, previously account parameters will be unavailable. You have to ask the administrator to re-assign your 'company_id', 'key' and 'platformSource' in order to continue using our API. 

 Read carefully about the parameter description (Especially numeric field).

Note: The developer must fill parameters according to their description. The numberic field doesn't accept empty string, at lease "0" should be provided.

 At present, we only provide the image about printed electricity face-bill template, and we have not provided the interface for obtaining the generated electronic sheet template.

Note: relevant services will be provided later.